Kauai Real Estate, Kalalau Valley Sweep, King Tides

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An extra room that this unit was using has just been approved by the Association. This half room offers the option to use it as an extra sleeping area or a huge storage area. Same huge ocean views, same price, just more value. Contact listing agent Lynda Gill (RS) 808-346-0056

Kauai Real Estate 

I normally do a Kauai market update after the first of every month but I had to peek at what we’ve done so far this year because I had a feeling it was good news…..and it was….the number of sales at this time in 2016 was 432. The total number in 2017? 489! Land, Homes and Condominiums all were up in the number of sales. Next week I’ll have the numbers for you. This week I have an island wide list of last weeks New Listings, Sold Listings and Listings that went into Escrow click here; Kauai Real Estate Activity May 22 to 28, 2017

Poipu Beach Real Estate Activity
Last week I closed on Poipu Aina Lot 1b for $575,000. This 2.43 acre lot has guest house rights and is located in the only subdivision in Poipu that offers a unique blend of luxury estates with huge lots, all within a bike ride of everything Poipu has to offer. For a Current Market Analysis of the Fee Simple Poipu Beach real estate market click here; Poipu Beach Real Estate Update

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I Just SOLD Poipu Aina Lot 1B. This 2.43 acre lot has guest house rights and gorgeous views. Click on the photo for the details on this listing and contact me for information on this subdivision. Lynda Gill (RS) 808-346-0056

Kiahuna Plantation #183 in escrow! This is a  listing of mine that is a corner unit located on the ground floor in building 28, it’s literally 50 steps from the ocean! It has a unique feature that was done during the remodel; a separate vanity area in addition to the bathroom. For a Current Market Analysis of the Kiahuna Plantation click here; Kiahuna Plantation Real Estate Update

Kalalau Valley Arrest Sweep
A three-day sweep in the Kalalau Valley, which is along the Na Pali Coast on the North Shore, led to 11 arrests — and the discovery that for some there, life included all the comforts of home.  One camp had a pizza oven, an enclosure with a queen-sized bed, what appeared to be an alcohol still, and an extensive system of solar- and battery-powered lights for its marijuana-growing operation.  Squatters also cleared native trees to build shelters and created water diversions to grow cannabis and other plants, according to the state.

So far 28 people have been arrested and 12 illegal camps have been discovered in just the month of May.  A Department Of Land and Natural Resources stated; “People with permits should be able to enjoy one of the most unique and beautiful landscapes on the planet without the fear of being harassed or having their experience diminished or threatened by those who simply do what they want, where they want, and how they want. We are continuing to have zero tolerance for these kinds of behaviors and when we catch you, you will be arrested.”

King Tides! 
My husband and I have been coming here since 1992 and we’ve been living here full time since 2004 and, for the first time, we’ve been hearing about “King Tides”. It’s been all over the news, how could we have missed it all these years? Last week the National Weather Service issued a special weather statement relating to the coastal flooding that is expected to occur along all of the Hawaiian Islands over the next few days.  The coastal flooding is due to the record level “King Tides.” King tides are simply the very highest tides. They are naturally occurring, predictable events.

These tides impacted the South Shores of all the islands the most so I headed to Spouting Horn on my weekend power walk to check it out.  This video is what I took while I was there.

Hawaii DCCA Sues Toyota, Nissan and Ford

The Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs Office of Consumer Protection filed a lawsuit against automakers Toyota, Nissan and Ford for unlawful practices in connection with the marketing and sales of vehicles with Takata airbags to Hawaii consumers. The state asserts claims against the car manufacturers under the Hawaii’s consumer protection laws for unfair and deceptive conduct.

The state alleges that the three car manufactures “knew or should have known for more than a decade that the airbags installed in their cars could explode, posing grave, sometimes fatal, dangers to the cars’ occupants.” DCCA said that the state’s hot and humid climate “can accelerate the breakdown of the chemical propellant” used in the airbags and “cause it to explode.”

Honolulu Police’s New Tool For Speeders

If this is successful I would assume it would come here to Kauai;  If you are driving in Oahu here’s a head up; no more will the police need to stand on the side of the road with their speed gun to see if you are speeding. A new device called “Stalker DSR 2x Radar” have sensors in the police cars allowing the officers to monitor your speed when you are traveling in front of them, behind them, or even coming from the opposite direction.

Each system costs $2,500, and HPD got federal grant money to install the devices in 20 Oahu police cars. The results have been tried in two court cases in Hawaii and the test results held up. The police department is requesting another grant and hopes to install more of these systems in police cars by next year.

Baby Boomers “Bucket List” Boom For Hawaii

The busy summer travel season is about to kick into high gear, and when it does, expect to see a lot more seniors enjoying our Hawaiian sunshine. According to AARP Travel, Hawaii is the top U.S. destination on travel bucket lists for baby boomers. Tour companies are aware of this growing market and offer special packages and tours for seniors.
AARP says nearly four out of 10 baby boomers have a bucket list and 58% of them plan to take their next trip in two to five years. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that Americans over 50 years spend over $125 billion per year in personal travel, a number that will grow as boomers retire. It’s no secret, boomers have money to spend.
It’s good for our economy and good for our pocketbooks. More flights to Hawaii means more flights to the mainland and with that comes cheaper prices for all of us.

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