Kauai Real Estate News, Pili Mai SOLD, False Alarm Sends State Into Panic

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I Just SOLD Pili Mai 9G! This 2 bedroom 2.5 bath has an extra loft area big enough to be a third bedroom. Great ocean and golf course views. Click on the photo for more information. Sold Price: $767,771 (FS)

Kauai Real Estate News 
For a complete list of what sold, went into escrow and the new listings island wide for last week click here: Kauai Real Estate Update January 7 to 14, 2018

Last week I SOLD Pili Mai 9G, this building is now sold out and building 8 (the next golf course frontage building) is not that far behind in being sold out. For a complete list of the current available properties, the properties that are in escrow and those that have sold since the first of the year click here: Poipu Beach Real Estate Current Market Analysis

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I just listed unit #54 at the Kiahuna Plantation. This sweet 1 bedroom 1 bath is located in building 9 and has great views, short walk to the beach and lots of airflow. Click on the photo for more information! Listing price: $95,000 (LH)

I just listed Kiahuna Plantation #54. This is a lovely 1 bedroom located on the top floor of building 10 which only has 6 units in it. The views of the lawn go on forever and the positioning of this building takes maximum advantage of the trade winds. To find out everything that is happening at the Kiahuna Plantation click here: Kiahuna Plantation Current Market Analysis

Statewide False Ballistic Missile Alarm

On Saturday morning, a little after 8 a.m. I received, along with every resident and tourist in the state, an emergency message saying that a ballistic missile was heading for Hawaii and that this was not a drill. I immediately turned on the news and saw nothing. When I checked social media I saw other people were as confused as I was.
Within 13 minutes Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard sent out via her social media that this was a false alarm. It took the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, who had sent out the alarm, 38 minutes to send out a correction.

Here is what happened; during a shift change at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency a routine check was done to make sure that the system is working. During that routine check an employee pushed the wrong button to send out the ballistic missile message, another screen popped up asking for confirmation that the message is to be sent and the employee again pressed the button to do so. The agency itself didn’t know the message had gone out until their own phones started getting the same emergency message that we were all getting across the state. The reason it took 38 minutes to send a message saying it was sent in error is because they don’t have a system to send out new messages, just ones that have been prewritten and put into the system.
The Hawaii Emergency Management Agency took full responsibility and apologized profusely, their commitment to investigate and for it never to happen again were said a bazillion times over. The employee that pushed the button has been with the agency for 10 years and has been reassigned while the investigation is going on.

So how did this play out here on Kauai? After talking to friends, watching tv and reading the papers it looks to me like a mixed bag from people disregarding the message to going into an all out panic. What I saw in my small corner of the state were people thinking the message looked a bit off, and they didn’t panic because there were no sirens, the major news channels were all talking about completely different subjects and our go to source for immediate news; KONG Radio didn’t know what was happening. When we got Tulsi Gabbards tweet after 13 minutes that there is no missile coming our way that took a lot of the steam out of it.

Here is my takeaway: I’m not going to write my blog and pretend that this unflattering event didn’t happen in our state. On the mainland missile threats are and have been a reality. With North Korea tensions are high at the moment but tensions have been high in the past. As a child going to public school in Huntington Beach in the late 1960’s I remember the nuclear attack “duck and cover” drills which sent us scrambling to get under our desks. Russia being the threat then, Korea now, the future?

Every state has it’s own particular set of natural disasters that it’s prone to, additionally they deal with catestrophic events that are completely unexpected that have happened as well.  I can run, but I can’t hide, from a disaster no matter where I choose to live.





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