Kauai Real Estate, Poipu Park Almost Gets Scraped, Oahu-Maui-Big Island Year To Date Real Estate Update

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Kauai Real Estate Update 

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<img src=”image.gif” alt="buildthepark“/>

My husband modeling the tee shirt they were giving out at the “Build The Park” meeting.

Poipu Beach Park Saved From Low Income Housing Development
A “Build The Park” meeting was held at the Koloa Community Center to discuss the near miss our community had with the County of Kauai and to foster communication lines between South Shore residents and the County.
Here’s what happened: Kukui’ula is suppose to build a park as a part of the South Shore community plan across from the low income housing that is being built by them on Poipu Road near Koloa Estates. Both projects Kukui’ula agreed to do in exchange for building out their multi million-dollar development.  Someone on the Planning Department, in efforts to solve the housing shortage, came up with the idea to scrap the park and put up low-income housing.  This idea was made public by way of being put on the Councils agenda but the language was unclear and not much notice was given.  When the South Shore community heard about it they got pretty ticked off, showed up at the meeting and voiced their concern.  The Mayor and Planning Department realized they had made a pretty massive error and they backed off the idea immediately.
So they planned a “Save Our Park” meeting here in Poipu to discuss what happened.  Mayor Derek Kawakami attended and apologized, as did several members of the Planning Department.  They owned the fact that they jumped the gun and grossly misjudged how the community of Poipu would feel about turning the park into low income housing.
So….the park will be built.  But surprise, we got some more news.  When does Kukui’ula have to build the park according to their commitment to the County?  The answer is: before the last house is built at Kukui’ula.  That got the crowd fired up as that can be decades from now.  The round-a-bout, the shopping center, the bypass road- all of those had dates that Kukui’ula needed to complete it by.  The park does not have a date.
There were higher ups at Kukui’ula that were in attendance and I noticed they were very quiet.  They heard the plea for them to build the park now but who knows what they will do?  The Mayor said that it would be on their own accord to do this early.  We all figured there’s not much incentive for them to act now.

<img src=”image.gif” alt="buildthepark“/>

Mayor Derek Kawakami issuing his very public mea culpa to the crowds at the Koloa Community Center.

So the park stays.  Low-income housing is out.  We just might not live long enough to see the park.

Oahu, Maui and Big Island Real Estate
Last week we reviewed the Year To Date sales for the island of Kauai and this week I have the other islands stats.

There were 360 single-family homes sold on Oahu last month, a decline of 1.7% from 354 sold in August 2018. The median price of those homes was $790,000, which was a decline of 2.5% from $810,000 in August 2018.
The median price of a condominium on Oahu also declined, to $419,500, a decline of 1.8% from $427,000. That was based on sales of 512 units, which was 1.7% fewer than the 521 units that sold in August 2018.

Single-Family Residences on Maui saw marked improvements, broken down by type – Single Family: median $837,500 which is up 20%.  However sales are down by 20% with 78 completed sales YTD.;   Single Family with Attached Ohana: median $927,500 +18%, based on 2 closed sales ; Single Family with Detached Ohana: $837,500 -11%, with 18 sales closed +125%.

The number of Maui condominium sales decreased heavily by over 21%, from 149 a year ago to 117 this year, the median sales price was virtually unchanged at $496,950.  They do expect this to change when a large project called “Luana Garden Villas” start closing their sales.

On the Big Island year to date sales of single-family homes increased by 1.63%, while the median price through the first eight months of the year increased 5.56% to $380,000, from $360,000 during the same period last year.
Year-to-date sales and prices of condos on Hawaii Island were higher than the same period last year. Sales of condos were 3.13% higher for the period from January through August, while the median price increased 1.39% to $365,000 from $360,000 last year.

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