Kauai Real Estate Update, Halelani In Escrow, Hawaii Extends Shelter In Place Order

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In Escrow After 3 Days On Market. List price $385,950 Renovated 2/2 with AC. Click on this photo for more details and photos. Call me for more information on other units in this complex, Lynda Gill 808-346-0056

Kauai Real Estate Update
After only 3 days on the market I got an offer accepted on my new listing at Halelani.  This 2 bedroom 2 bath was thoughtfully renovated and had AC in the bedroom and living room.
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Kauai May See Some Rules Relaxed May 3 And Hawaii Governor Extends Quarantine
The Mayor of Kauai said that if there are no new cases from now to May 3 he will open some sectors of our local economy.  Kauai has remained at having only 21 COVID cases including one current active case that’s in isolation at the hospital.  The date of May 3 marks two incubation periods for our island.

For Kauai on May 3rd we could see reopening of construction, golf courses and “many businesses that have been closed” and I’m not certain what that means.  I’m going to assume it’s “low risk businesses” which are have little to no human contact and can be done by appointment only.

In other news our Governor of Hawaii extended Hawaii’s stay-at-home order until May 31 and that includes the 14-day quarantine for visitors and returning residents.  The Governor also included in the Proclamation that all four Mayors of each island have to have the Governors approval before issuing any emergency order, rule or proclamation.  So far each islands Mayor has been responding differently and this has led to the Governors office fielding questions on the County verses the State rules/orders/proclamations.  In order to open the State the Governor wants all rules to be run by him first to make sure the State of Hawaii is not issuing rules that are conflicting and confusing.

Hawaii reported five new cases of Covid-19 over the weekend, bringing the statewide total to 606, while the number of deaths from the virus risen to 15.

Hawaii Gets $21 Million For Testing
Officials have stated that when our State opens back up it will involve a 4 step process: Screening, Testing, Tracking & Surveillance and Quarantine.  Also stated by the task force is that it’s not realistic to have zero COVID cases but that we must have procedures in place to control those coming in our state and residents that are traveling from island to island.
A milestone was reached last week when it was announced that via the CARES act Hawaii will receive $21.3 million in additional funds for testing and tracking the coronavirus.

Oahu Manhunt For Brazen Tourists
Last week there was a manhunt for two tourists on Oahu who broke the quarantine rules twice.
One of the visitors was from Arizona and the other from Australia, they both had flown into Honolulu International Airport and were staying in Waikiki.  They broke the quarantine rule by leaving their hotel ironically called the Laylow Hotel (all true, I couldn’t make this stuff up), they were both arrested for breaking the quarantine rule and released the same day.

After being released they left their first hotel and checked into another hotel and for a second time they left their hotel.  Their social media had photos of them taking selfies at the beach.  The staff at the hotel scolded them for leaving the premises and this caused the couple to check out of the hotel presumably fearing that the police were going to be called for their second infraction.  At that point they were on the loose in Waikiki and the State Attorney General’s office sent out an alert to all hotels to be on the watch for them.
They were found on Wednesday and flew back home that day.  The Hawaii Tourism Authority has $25,000 set aside to send tourist back that either don’t have a place to stay or who break the rules.  Since March 26, when the new rules went into effect there have been 19 people sent back home.  In this case the couple did pay for their own tickets home.

New Rules For Arriving Visitors
Right on the heels of this last incident the Hawaii Tourism Authority announced they have some new procedures for those arriving from the mainland.

As I announced last week there is a site that visitors can register on before they arrive or they can fill out paperwork at the airport.  However this last weeks it’s been discovered that some visitors have put in fake addresses and phone numbers.  Once they get through the process it’s too late to do anything.  So the new rules are:
Before people leave the airport their phone number that’s listed is verified.  Then they will call the front desk, or the on-island contact person to verify the reservation.
Visitors will be contacted up the 3 times a day and if they are not where they say they are they can be arrested or sent home.

This all sounds pretty harsh but the Hawaii Association of Tourism said that up to this point it’s been all done by way of trusting the information they’ve been given, too many times the information has proven to be false.

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