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Kauai Real Estate Update, Local Couple Flies To Kauai COVID Positive, Oahu-Maui-Big Island Real Estate

In Escrow! This $12 Million Dollar Haena Estate was on the market for just 30 days before receiving an offer. Click on the photo for more details. Photo Courtesy of Hawaii Information Service

Kauai Real Estate Update- If you were a big fan of the 1990’s TV show “Coach” then you’ll be interested in this news.  The star of that show, Craig T. Nelson, designed a Hanalei estate that was up for sale for $12 Million Dollars.  After being on the market for 30 days they now have they got an accepted offer.  This 2,738 home sits on 4.34 acres of ocean front property in Haena.
For a complete list of all the real estate that was Sold, Just Listed and for those properties that went into Escrow last week on the island of Kauai click here: Kauai Real Estate update November 30 to December 6, 2020

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Kiahuna Plantation Real Estate- You can find out what has been happening at the Kiahuna Plantation since the beginning of this year by clicking here: Kiahuna Plantation Current Market Analysis

Local Kauai Couple Arrested After Flying With Negative COVID Test
On November 29th a local Kauai couple and their 4 year old son were traveling from San Francisco to Lihue. The couple tested positive for COVID and when they filled out their Safe Travels form with United Airlines the staff at the airport told them not to board but to wait in a designated area.  The couple did not wait in the area but instead were able to board the United flight.
After the plane took off it was discovered what happened and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) notified the Kauai police department.
Once the plane landed KPD took the couple arrested the couple of “reckless endangerment” in the second degree and they were taken into custody and their son was given to a family member by the Child Protective Service.  The couple later posted bail and have a court date set for January.

This is the first time something like this has happened in our State and how it will be prosecuted is being discussed.  They were booked on Kauai but the act was committed in California.

Princeville Homeowners Association Addresses “Glamping” Controversary
Starwood Capital Group, the owner of the Princeville Resort and the two golf courses nearby, plans to build a 50 unit “Glamping” resort on the golf course.
How can this happen?  It all stems from an obscure one page document from 1971 where the Colorado company that was developing Princeville at the time withheld the golf courses from the Princeville Community Association until 2026.  Princeville was developed under a Master Association which is not common here on Kauai.
The glamping resort would be rented out for $500 a night and would be built on the first three holes of the Woods Course.  Princeville residents upset and working together with the association to resolve this issue as these sites would be changing the landscape of what homeowners thought they’d be viewing in perpetuity.
The Starwood Corporation intends to file applications for these 50 sites in January 2021.

“Save our Space Hui” is a grass roots campaign for residents and those concerned with this issue has been started.  You can find more information by going to their website which you can access by clicking here:  www.soshui.org

Oahu, Maui and Big Island Real Estate Update
Last month I posted the Kauai real estate sales 2019 compared to 2020 Year To Date and this week we can review the other islands and see how they are performing.

On Oahu the real estate market continues to keep charging ahead with the number of single family homes that sold in the month of November tripled compared to November 2019.  The number of homes sold Year To Date was down 0.7% at 3,318 compared to 3,441 last year.  The Median Price is up by 4.7% coming in at $822,000 compared to the end of November 2019 at 785,000.
Condo sales were down -15.8% with 4,192 condos sold YTD 2020 compared to 4,980 sold this same time last year.  The Median Price is up 1.2% to $430,000 compared to $425,000 in 2019.

Maui saw a decrease of -7.1% in the number of homes sold year to date from 1,023 in 2019 to 950 this same time in 2020.  However, the Median Price is up 6.5% from $741,690 in 2019 to $790,000 in 2020.
Condominiums follow suite with a decline of -21.4% in closed sales, 2019 saw 1,484 sold condominiums compared to 1,166 this same time.  The Median Price is up +8.4% to $560,000 in 2020 compared to $516,500 in 2019.

Big Island home sales year-to-date median price was $400,500, which was an increase of 5.67% from $379,000, while year-to-date sales increased 6.21% to 2,360, from 2,222 last year.
Year-to-date, condo sales declined 17.45% to 653 units sold through the end of November, from 791 units sold during the same period in 2019. The year-to-date median price of those condo units was $395,000, which was an increase of 8.22% from $365,000 last year.