Announcing “Island Homes TV”!

Below is the link to the current Island Homes TV show for the south shore.  This hyper-local TV program is devoted to real estate and real-estate-related businesses on Kauai.  This program is broadcasted on Oceanic Time Warner Cable digital channel 31 and analog channel 6. Each advertisement will appear a minimum of 55 times per week, it streams several times a day seven days a week.

I have some of my listings on this show which is available to 22,000 Oceanic Time Warner subscribers and 85% of Kauai’s hotel rooms and vacation rental condominiums.  Our visitors and locals LOVE watching this.  In addition to having access to the entire show you can also just click on the region that you would like to watch, the last option is a video on high end properties.  Enjoy!

<img src=”image.gif” alt="kauairealestate“/>