Kauai Real Estate And Coronavirus

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Corona Virus And Kauai Real Estate

For the last week my husband and I have been in Tacoma Washington, we arrived home on Sunday.  My sister-in-law had gotten very ill and unfortunately passed away.

During this time we witnessed on the mainland the escalation of the Coronavirus and the daily changes in the day to day life as we know it.  When we left there was one confirmed case on Oahu and none on Kauai, however that changed.  Two tourists tested positive on Kauai and while they are in quarantine I don’t know how well this virus will be contained in the coming weeks.

Real Estate has gotten very quiet.  January and February were blockbuster months and this will show up in the closings that you see posted in March and into April.  The current slow down will show up in the months to come.  

This did not happen at a good time for the second home market as we are in our selling season which spans from January into May.  This is also a busy time of year for vacation rentals and instead of people booking whatever they can get their hands on we’re getting cancellations.  Hawaiian Airlines announced they are cutting their routes 8% to 10% in April and 15% to 20% in May, and I believe it, the planes we took home were only half full and the airports were the emptiest I’ve seen.

I do not believe this will have a lasting impact on our real estate market, or our vacation rental market.  This is a temporary situation that will right itself and there will be a period of time as life gets back to normal.  People tend to have pretty short memories as we’ve seen with the close calls with Hurricanes, the eruption of Mt. Kilauea on the Big Island, tsunami scares and much more.  Things have slowed down and I don’t know for how long, right now we’re still in the escalation stage.  This will level off and then decrease rapidly.  There will be deals to come to Hawaii and all this will be in the rear view mirror.  Until then keeping healthy and positive is the best thing to do.   

I truly hope this virus does not impact you or your family.  Having just lost a dear member of our family the importance of our loved ones, and being in the best health we can be, is very much on my mind.

I’ll keep writing about the real estate news and I will be here doing all I can to keep sales moving along.  Things have not stopped, they have slowed and I believe ultimately in the big picture.  Not this blip on the screen.   

While in Tacoma my Niece sent me an article from the Seattle Times about what happened in there during the 1918 outbreak of the Spanish Flu.  The chain of events that happened over 100 years ago could be the headlines of today:  Seattle Times Coronavirus Compared To 1918 Spanish Flu          

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