Kauai Real Estate, Interisland Travel To Start June 16, Kauai Real Estate 2019 Compared to 2020

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Kauai Real Estate
To access all the properties that were Just Listed, Sold and for those that went into Escrow for last week, May 25 to 31, click here: Kauai Real Estate Weekly Report

Poipu Beach Real Estate Report- The last building of Pili Mai is going to be done by June 29!  From the outside the building looks 100% completed and they are working on the landscaping, on the inside they are completing the finishing work.  After this date the property will be completely built out.  For a complete list of all the fee simple real estate activity in Poipu since January 1 of this year click here: Poipu Beach Current Market Analysis

Kiahuna Plantation Real Estate Report-

The resort is taking this time to replace some roofs at the Kiahuna Plantation, last week I took these photos of them working on building #35.
For all the real estate information on the Kiahuna Plantation since January 1 of this year click here: Kiahuna Plantation Current Market Analysis

Kauai Opens Up A Little More, Residents Can Travel Interisland June 16
The Mayor of Kauai received approval from our Governor to allow dine-in for restaurants, indoor exercise facilities to open, outdoor playgrounds, organized team sports (like pickleball) and personnel services like spas to open Yesterday (June 1).

Governor Ige announced on June 1 that “no quarantine” interisland travel for will open up on June 16, 2020.  Thermal scanning will be used and a new form for residents to fill out with their travel information, this will allow for them to do contact tracing should a new case be discovered.  When asked about Kamaiiana rates for travel Peter Ingram of Hawaiian Airlines said to check the website as there will be some great rates posted soon, he also stated that more flights will be added as demands increase.  Governor Ige said they are working with the hospitality industry to open up accommodations.

The 14 day quarantine was extended past June 30th and Governor Ige said on June 1 that he will announce a possible date to open up travel to tourists “in a week or two”.  There is talk of a “travel bubble” with Hawaii and Japan.  A group was formed of “travel bubble planners” to set this plan in motion and they have a tentative target date of July 1 for Japan travel.  While Japan is our States top international market, they don’t tend to travel to Kauai much.  The 2019 report is not available but in 2018 93.9% visited Oahu and 1.7% visited Kauai.  The news conference was held at the terminal of Hawaiian Airlines and a clip of that conference can be seen here: Governor Ige’s Travel Announcement News Conference

$21.7 Million Poipu Road Project Started

Maluhia Road might not ring a bell but if you spent anytime in Poipu you’ve been on it, a bunch.  That is the road from the highway to Koloa Town and most know it as “Tree Tunnel Road” and it’s about to get a massive makeover.  Total cost to be $21.7 million and $16.4 million of that is coming from Federal funding.

The work to be done will be:
Widening the road and providing 4 to 6 feet paved shoulders where possible.
Resurfacing the road.
A Roundabout added at Ala Kalanikaumaka and Koloa Road, that is the bypass road by the Kukui’ula shopping center.
Guardrails added.
Improved drainage in the Tree Tunnel section.

The road will be worked on for the entire month of June and future road closure dates will be announced.
I took a video over the weekend of some of the work that was done last month, they took some trees down and staked off where they were going to work to.  Enjoy!

Kauai Real Estate Report 2019 Compared to 2020
We’ve got the first five months of this years data in to compare to this same time last year.  The figures for the month of May are going to start to more accurately reflect the impacts of the shutdown.
Our figures are in keeping with what we’ve seen on the mainland: the number of sales across the board are down.  Home prices have not budged and in fact have gone up a bit, condo prices are a bit up and down and land prices are trending down.
If you’d like to know how your particular area of Kauai is impacted give me a call for a more in-depth look.  This graph is general in nature and might not accurately reflect your area of interest.
img src=”image.gif” alt="kauairealestate“/>

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