Kauai Real Estate, Monk Seal Video Goes Viral, Pili Mai SOLD With Multiple Offers

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Kauai Real Estate Update

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Poipu Beach Real Estate- In Escrow…In 1 day Pili Mai 10C with multiple offers.  I had put the word out in advance on social media that I was releasing a 3 bedroom 3 bath Pili Mai so by the time it hit the market we had 3 offers instantly.  This was the only unit available at Pili Mai and is a 3 bedroom 3 bath Moana floor plan in building 10 which is one of the 5 buildings that is on the golf course.  The owners decorated this unit to perfection and the floor plan is one of the more popular ones.  List price is $995,000 and we are accepting back up offers.
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In Escrow! Kiahuna Plantation unit #212, a two bedroom two bath ocean view unit located in building 34. List Price $475,000 (LH) Click on the photo for details and give me a call if you have any questions.

Kiahuna Plantation Real Estate- A 2 Bedroom Ocean View unit in building 34 just went into escrow this last week, the list price is $475,000 (LH).  I love those bigger numbers on Kiahuna units!  I had someone call me about the property and they said that there are a lot of units for sale at the resort and I wondered if my Blog readers thought that as well?  There currently are 33 units for sale so I can see why someone would think that, however there are 333 units at the Kiahuna so this is completely in line with the normal amount of inventory.  Some good news on the Kiahuna is that we’ve had 2 sales this year and 3 units are in escrow, for the first month and half of the year that’s very positive.
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Poipu Visitor Drowns Hiking
A 64-year-old visitor from Massachusetts died on Wednesday around 10 a.m. after slipping and falling from a cliff while hiking north of Keoneloa Bay, also known as Shipwreck Beach.
According to a preliminary report, a bystander witnessed the incident and ran to get help at Shipwreck Beach.  A firefighter on vacation from Canada, who was at Shipwreck Beach, ran to the cliff with a set of fins and spotted the woman in the ocean who appeared to be unresponsive. He hiked down the cliff’s edge to reach the water and swam out to the victim.
Kaua‘i Fire Department personnel arrived on scene and proceeded down the face of the cliff to reach the victim in the ocean. Firefighters found the woman unresponsive in the water with serious injuries to her head, and secured her with a rescue tube and rescue board as they began to swim her to shore.

Man Hitting Monk Seal Video Goes Viral, Public Outraged & Charges Pressed
A video posted on the social media site Tik Tok of a man approaching a sleeping Monk Seal and slapping it’s backside has incurred the outrage of the public and some attention from the Department of Land and Natural Resources.
The person that posted it added a song on the video by Akon titled “Slap That”.

The man that posted the video was visiting a West Oahu beach when he video tapped his friend hitting the Monk Seal.  In the video the seal wakes up and charges at the man who runs away.  Not too smart to do something like this on social media.  The man had to take down his Instagram account because he was getting death threats along with some other pretty strong messages.
Monk seals are protected by law and harassing a monk seal is a class C felony punishable by time behind bars and fines.  Authorities are investigating and have been in contact with the individuals involved who are cooperating.

Lending Rate Update
To Lock or not Lock your Rate?  Home loan rates continue to hover near three-year lows and it’s hard to know if they are at their bottom or not

Here are three reasons why rates may have bottomed — at least for now:

  1. Solid economic numbers continue to be reported. We are seeing a historically strong labor market, rising wages, high consumer and business confidence, and an overall boost in housing. Bonds hate good news and there is simply too much good news to go around at the moment.
  2. Signs of improvement around the globe. One of the main tailwinds to our low rates is the relative underperformance of countries around the globe. It appears that many parts of the world are doing a bit better thanks to central bank monetary stimulus. If this trend continues, it’s tough to see much better rates anytime soon.
  3. The trading action in the Treasury market. This may be signaling that further rate improvement from here may be tough to achieve. In recent weeks, in the face of heightened fear and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus (which usually lowers rates), the 10-year Note yield was unable to move beneath 1.50%, which is also close to a historically low yield seen just a few times in the last decade. If the 10-year Note can’t improve in the face of very uncertain news, a near-term bottom might be in place.

So, what would push rates to even lower levels? It would likely take some very bad news like an escalation of the coronavirus outbreak — or possibly something even worse.

Bottom line: the U.S. economy is performing very well. Rates are near historic lows and the markets are telling us this may be about as good as things get — for now.

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