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Kauai Real Estate Update- It is election day and normally real estate will slow to a complete crawl, but that is not happening this year.  I’m seeing more activity than normal and it’s mostly in the housing market.  The buyers are largely from the mainland and are drawn to the quiet and peace bubble that Kauai is enjoying.  For a complete list of what has Sold, was Just Listed and those properties that went Under Contract click here:  Kauai Real Estate October 26 to November 1, 2020

Poipu Beach Real Estate-  I’ve updated my Poipu Beach Real Estate page and you’ll be able to access a page that will give you all the fee simple real estate activity since January 1 of this year.  Click here for that information:  Poipu Beach Current Market Analysis

Kiahuna Plantation Real Estate-  My Kiahuna page has been updated as well and you can access that by clicking here:  Kiahuna Plantation Current Market Analysis.

Target Coming To Kauai
Target is coming to Kauai and I’ve not seen this excitement since Jack In The Box opened!  Seriously, this is the word on the street!  In the space where the old K-Mart was in the Kukui Grove Shopping Center will be a new Target Store.  Renovations of the 122,000 square foot store are already underway.

I’ve always thought of Target to be right in the middle of a Macy’s and Walmart, this will be a great addition to our island and welcome news during the pandemic.

Kitties and Puppies being loaded on the plane at Lihue Airport. Photo Courtesy Of The Garden Island Newspaper

Over 600 Hawaii Animals Flown To The Mainland
In a massive volunteer movement over 600 cats and dogs were gathered from Hawaii Humane Shelters and flown to the mainland.  302 of those animals were from Kauai.
Dubbed the “Wings Of Aloha” this flight was made possible by multiple volunteers, the islands individual Humane Society Departments and donations from the JR Peterson Foundation, Greater Good Charities and Wings of Rescue.
Before the pandemic our Kauai Humane Shelter relied on flights going to the mainland to transport our animals to various shelters on the mainland that didn’t have as many animals.  With the massive reductions in flights the shelter has been struggling with a growing number of cats and dogs, despite that their live release rate in 2020 for dogs was 96%, up from 89% the year before, and the overall shelter live release rate was 84%, up 16% from 2019’s 68%.

Before the animals left the island they were spayed or neutered, given all their vaccines and had health checkups.  The pets flew to Seattle where pet shelters and rescue groups will collect them. About 120 will then continue onto Walla Walla and Coeur d’Alene.  Some had been adopted before they left the islands.  Kahu Wayne Vidinha of Akua Mana Church offered a blessing before liftoff.

Olive Garden Comes To Oahu
Such suffering we’ve endured watching the commercials for Olive Garden when we don’t have one here!  Not fair to advertise when the nearest location is over 2,500 miles away.  All dramatics aside- it was on our 6 o’clock news that Olive Garden is coming to Oahu and the endless breadsticks and soup will be happening as well.  Seriously, the part about the endless breadsticks and soup was on our news.
It will open this Thursday at the Ala Moana Center on Oahu where Bubba Gump Shrimp used to be.  The COVID guidelines will be strictly adhered to and the management and staff are excited about their opening.  There is a second location planned for the Ka Makana Alii shopping center in Kapolei.  I know Olive Garden from when we were living in Orange County, CA so I’m pretty excited to make a stop at Ala Moana to check them out!

Kauai Real Estate 2019 Compared To 2020
How are the Real Estate sales in 2020 compared to this same time last year?  The number of sales are down pretty much across the board, however the prices are, for the most part, on the rise.
Homes sales are the strongest and those that are in the $800K and under are getting huge activity.  While the number of sales are down it’s only because the double digit Median Price gains are pricing those people out of the market.  Condo sales are showing better activity as those that have been priced out of the housing market are buying condos.  Land prices are up as well but I find this data a bit skewed as there have not been a lot of sales.

Below is a graph which shows the Kauai Real Estate Activity Year To Date.  To find out how this pertains to your particular area of interest give me a call at 808-346-0056

<img src=”image.gif” alt="kauairealestate“/>

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