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Kauai Real Estate Update
For an update on the real estate activity on the island of Kauai for last week click here:  Kauai Real Estate September 28 to October 4, 2020

Poipu Beach Real Estate- This last week I’ve been busier than a one armed wall paper hanger!  I’ve gotten 5 lots at Poipu Aina Estates under contract.  I’ve had these 2.5+ acre lots for sale for years, so why did 5 just get gobbled up?  Here’s how:  1)  my Seller believes in this subdivision and has not been lowering his prices and has not taken low ball offers 2) land prices rose up over time and in our current climate there’s an appeal for large parcels of land 3) as soon as we got an accepted offer on one I reached out to my contacts and other agents.  Rightfully so people were used to seeing Poipu Aina lots on the market and were in no hurry to buy, but as the lots started getting offers and going under contract I kept up my phone calls and inside of 2 weeks I had 5 under contract.  The video below will illustrate where these lots are the will show the one that is left, enjoy!
For a complete list of all the fee simple real estate activity in Poipu Beach click here:  Poipu Beach Current Market Analysis

Kiahuna Plantation Real Estate-  My Kiahuna Plantation real estate page has been updated on the latest activity.  For that information click here: Kiahuna Plantation Current Market Analysis.

Hawaii’s Governor Denies Kauai’s Mayor Request For Second COVID Test
Kauai’s Mayor Derek Kawakami asked permission for Kauai to require a second COVID test after arrival, this is in addition to the test required by the State 72 hours before arrival to not have to quarantine.  Under our Mayors proposed plan anyone that arrives on Kauai would go into quarantine and take a second COVID test after 3 days, if negative they could leave their accommodations.  In recent past our Hawaii Governor mandated that any new rule a Mayor wanted to implement had to be approved by the Governor, and this request he formally denied on Monday.  The Mayors of Maui and the Big Island were also wanting to implement this plan as well and I suspect would have if Kauai was approved.

Lt. Governor Josh Green, who is the head of the States COVID task force and a physician, said that a second test is “unnecessary” and called it “fear-based”.  Also stating that the state does not have enough COVID tests to effectively implement this plan.  Lt. Green stated on a local television show earlier on Monday; “If the mayors want to stop the spread of the virus, they should get our mask-wearing rate up. If we raise our mask rate, we will not have spread. That’s the safe way to do it.”

Kauai’s Mayor said that the denial was “disappointing” but that the island must be flexible. 

007 Pierce Brosnan Makes Kauai His Permanent Home
The housing market on Kauai has been on the rise but one person that won’t be selling their Kauai home is Pierce Brosnan.  He and his wife have owned a north shore home on Kauai for 15 years and has become a much loved part of the community.
The Brosnans’ have been dividing their time between their Malibu and Kauai home but have made the move to make Kauai their full time home.  They have listed their beachfront Malibu estate for $100 million.  Named the “Orchid House” the Brosnans’ contributed to the design of the home which was inspired by Pierce’s time in Thailand while shooting Tomorrow Never Dies.
What do the digs of 007 look like?  Click here to find out:  Pierce Brosnan Malibu Home

Hawaiian Airlines Expands Routes
With trans pacific travel opening up on October 15 Hawaiian Airlines is reinstating some of their routes.
This Thursday they will restore their Honolulu to Vegas route.  On November 1 they will resume their Honolulu to Oakland flights.
By Nov. 18, Hawaiian will be offering service to 10 West Coast cities and there is the promise of more to be announced.
Hawaiian will be doing drive through COVID testing for their LAX and San Francisco travelers.  Additionally Hawaiian Airlines said they will offer an at-home testing option that passengers can self-administer.

Alaska Airlines Adds Flights & Announces Rapid COVID Testing
Alaska also is ramping up its service to Hawaii as it prepares for higher demand with the pre-travel testing option. On Oct. 15, the airline will resume twice-daily flights to the four major islands from Seattle. On Nov. 1, it will reinstate nonstop service to Hawaii from Portland, Oregon; San Jose, California; and San Diego, California. It also will launch Hawaii service from Anchorage, Alaska, and Los Angeles beginning on Nov. 20.
The list of airlines that are offering pre-testing continues to grow.  Alaska Airlines will launch rapid testing at pop-up clinics starting October 12 in Seattle.  United Airlines will offer onsite Covid-19 testing for passengers traveling from San Francisco International Airport to Hawaii beginning Oct. 15.  American Airlines will offer at-home, clinical, and onsite testing options for Hawaii-bound passengers out of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport on Oct. 15.

Kauai Real Estate Year To Date 2019 vs 2020
This is a rinse and repeat report for our Year To Date Kauai Real Estate sales as we compare the sales for where we were at this time in 2019 compared to where we’re at now.
In looking at the graph we see that the number of homes selling are lower across the board but the prices just keep increasing by as much as 22%.

The driver for home prices is lack of inventory in the lower priced market and low interest rates are also contributing to this.
Looking at our graph we see that the number of sales for all categories are pretty much down.  I was not surprised to see Lihue condos up by 20% as this area has the highest concentration of residential condominium complexes.
The number of Land sales are down but prices are up a bit for the island.

<img src=”image.gif” alt="kauairealestate“/>

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