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Kauai Real Estate Update

17 properties went into escrow last week.  That is a pretty normal week for us actually and it happened while the nation is dealing with COVID-19.  There are those that due to current events need to let go of their real estate holdings, others are able to hang on and have the means to increase their property portfolios.  But why are these people buying now?  They have seen that Hawaii has gone through these cycles before and has always come out on the other side stronger than ever.  This is no different; in some ways it will be a faster recovery than other past events. Before all this hit we were having problems keeping up with tourism and we will get back there again, we always have.
For a complete list of everything that has Sold, was Just Listed and went into Escrow last week on the island click here:  Kauai Real Estate March 30 to April 5

Poipu Beach Real Estate Update:  SOLD for full list price!  A listing of mine at Poipu Shores, ground floor 2/2 with AC sold for full list price after less than 30 days on the market.  This unit had an extended lawn area in front of it and huge ocean views beyond.
For a complete update on all real estate things Poipu click here:  Poipu Beach Real Estate Current Market Analysis

Kiahuna Plantation Real Estate

Price Reduced on Kiahuna Plantation unit #158. This ocean view unit has some unique design features and a sweet location. Click on this photo for the details and for more photos. Call me for more information.

Kiahuna Plantation Real Estate Update:  Unit #158 has some unique design elements and the price just got better.  Located in building 24 you have a horizon ocean view are and have a close proximity to the ocean.  Here is what I love: Three floor to ceilings oversized lovers on the side walls (Bedroom, Kitchen & Dining), optimal location for trade winds, small 6 unit building and a sweet enclosed lanai with a little gate allowing you to walk out on to the lawn.  Price reduced to $369,000 (LH).
My Kiahuna page has been updated and to access that click here: Kiahuna Plantation Current Market Analysis

Kauai Police Getting Tough With Tourists
KPD is not messing around.  There were three incidents last week where tourists were not adhering to the 14 day quarantine rule; Anyone coming to Kauai has to self quarantine for 14 days, you can’t leave where you are staying and this goes for residents that are coming back from the mainland or interisland.  Your food has to be delivered to you, you can’t go anywhere.  They are monitoring this at the Lihue Airport and at check in desks.
Last Tuesday KPD arrested a 62 year old man from Florida who had arrived on Monday.  He was staying in Kapaa and they picked him up in Hanalei.  He was booked on a misdemeanor and posted bail for $100.00 with a future court date in May.

The second arrest was of a Washington man on Thursday.  He had arrived on a Alaska Airlines flight and was told by airport security about the quarantine.  He did not have a place to stay and refused to get one.  At that point the Hawaii Tourism Authority was contacted who then called KPD.  They arrested him and took him to Wilcox where he was cleared of having COVID-19 before being thrown in jail.  They put him back on the plane on Friday for his return home to Olympia, Washington.

On Friday a third arrest was made on a 31 year old man from Florida arrived at Lihue airport from Honolulu and was not able to provide proof of having a place to stay.  He refused to comply with the 14 day quarantine, got belligerent and was showing signs of being drunk.  So now this guy is facing criminal charges and disorderly conduct, suffice it to say he’s cooling his jets in jail.  When he gets out he can provide proof of a place to stay for 14 days, go back to Florida or get arrested.

Hawaii National Guard Called Out
Starting yesterday 342 Hawai‘i National Guard soldiers and airmen are supporting the state Department of Transportation with the medical screening of incoming and departing passengers as well as airline crew at five Hawai‘i airports.
Guardsmen will be located at the passenger-arrival gates and Transportation Security Administration security checkpoints to assist the  Department Of Transportation staff with medical screening, arriving passengers from domestic and international destinations, as well as departing interisland passengers, will have their temperature taken to determine if an additional medical screening is necessary. The guardsmen will not be armed while conducting this support mission.

Kauai Real Estate Year To Date Update
March was an ugly month for real estate on Kauai; we saw more properties fall out of escrow and price reductions.  The numbers you see here are from sales that were from offers that were accepted in January and February.  As we go forward I think the number of sales will stay stable but the Median Price will go down.  I believe this to be temporary and a direct response to COVID-19.
Contact me if you have any questions about your Kauai property.
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