Kauai Real Estate Update, Polihale Vandalized Now Closed, Kauai Real Estate 2019 vs 2020

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Poipu Beach Real Estate- What a difference a week makes!  With Hurricane Douglas being a non-event our weather has just consistently been improving all week long.  I took a walk on Poipu Beach last Saturday night that I’ll share with you here.  Enjoy!
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Polihale Beach Vandalized, Now Closed
Polihale State Park is a long stretch of beach on the very west side of Kauai.  It’s several miles long and a place where camping is allowed and is rich in Hawaiian history.
Sadly, last week over 1,000 people were camping at the site and engaged in illegal behavior.  Now the beach is closed and the cash strapped Department of Land has no funds to repair the damage.
The final straw was when 1,000 people camped out and only 80 of those people were legally permitted.  The DLNR saw photos and videos on several social media sites that showed cars racing on the beach, no social distancing and destruction of the restroom facilities.

Kauai’s Mayor Derek Kawakami had this to say:  “Let’s speak frankly. Polihale was shut down because people were not following the rules, and now responsible families, who were using this time to reconnect with each other and enjoy special places like Polihale, are suffering the consequences.  There aren’t any visitors to blame this time. It’s our collective kuleana to take care of our public spaces and we have to take responsibility for our own actions and accept the consequences.”

Some community members are trying to organize a volunteer clean-up campaign but the DLNR is asking for people to hold off for right now.

Update On Mainland Travel To Hawaii & Japan Names Hawaii As Only US State Travel Partner
Japan has identified 12 destinations for possible international travel and Hawaii is the only U.S. state to be included on that list.  Japan is also looking at China, South Korea, Taiwan and some European countries.  In 2019 more than 1.5 million visitors came from Japan and spent $2.2 billion dollars according to the HTA.

On Monday at the UHERO meeting that I attended the Governor was asked if Japan will be allowed to come to Hawaii before the U.S.A.  He said if they can get agreements in place before they do with the U.S. then yes.  They would be subject to providing a negative COVID test that U.S. citizens would be.  He also said that the infrared cameras have already been installed in some of the gates at Honolulu with more to follow.  As of right now the September 1 date is the target date for allowing trans pacific travel.

Governor Ige also confirmed that children will be going to back to school on August 17 which is two weeks later than the original Aug. 3 date.  This was in response to the schools needing more time to prepare their classrooms.

Kauai Real Estate Year To Date, 2019 vs 2020
With the beginning of August we have the Year To Date sales for the first 7 months to compare with this same time last year.

I was comparing these numbers to what I posted last month for June and it’s almost the exact same recap:

*Home prices are up across the board
*The number of sales are down in just about every category
*Home prices continue to increase
*Condominiums prices are soft but Lihue condo prices continue be on the incline
*Land prices are up but the number of sales are so off it’s not a true read

To find out how this information on this graph specifically relates to your particular area of interest give me a call at 808-346-0056.
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