Kauai Real Estate Update, Fatal Car Crash Poipu, Ocean View Kaha Lani Just Listed, Macys Closing

Kauai Real Estate Update, Fatal Car Crash Poipu, Ocean View Kaha Lani Just Listed, Macys Closing

  • Lynda Gill
  • 01/23/24

Kauai Real Estate Update- My Kalaheo Pali Kai listing received multiple offers and went under contract after being on the market for 3 days, it’s been feeling like the real estate activity is definitely on the upswing.  I just listed a gorgeous unit at the Kaha Lani which is located in Wailua and if you’ve not heard of this complex it’s easy to see why.  Just beyond the Wailua Golf Course is where this property sits and it feels like you are in your own little world, so removed from everything but the location is in the middle of the island.  Easy to get to the South and North Shore.  The owners did a gorgeous remodel and I also have a virtual walk through, contact me for more information on this sweet 2-bedroom, 2-bath condominium.
For a complete list of all the real estate activity on the island for the last week click here; Kauai Real Estate Activity January 15 to 21, 2024.

Poipu Beach Real Estate Update- For all the fee simple real estate activity in Poipu Beach since the first of the year click here:  Poipu Beach Current Market Analysis
Kiahuna Plantation Real Estate Update-  In Escrow Units #53 and #102.  Monday was a good day for the Kiahuna as two units got accepted offers on them, unit #53 is my listing for $399,000 (LH) and we opened up escrow yesterday.  There are now 3 units in Phase II that have gone under contract within a couple of weeks of each other.  For the Kiahuna Plantation click here:  Kiahuna Plantation Current Market Analysis.

Fatal Crash In Poipu Beach
About 6:50 a.m. Saturday morning as I was making a right hand turn from Kiahuna Plantation Drive onto Poipu Road I noticed the road was covered with small particles of glass on the East and West bound sides.  Obviously there had been a crash, my friends Denise & Alan H. told me on Sunday that they were trying to get to their condo on Friday night and Kiahuna Plantation Drive was closed due to the crash. 
A Lawai man was arrested at the scene and taken into custody on about 7 counts, one of them being driving under the influence.  Around 9:30 Friday night the Lawai man was driving his Tacoma truck and rear-ended a Hyundai Accent which had a 69 year old man and 25 year old  woman both from Kalaheo, the man died and the woman suffered serious injuries and was taken to Queen’s on Oahu.  The driver of the Tacoma was not injured.
Speed and alcohol appear to be factors in the crash.

Almost 50% Real Estate Agents Sold One Home Or Less 2023
Inman News is the leading independent publisher on the real estate industry, they recently published an article on how many homes realtors sold in 2023.  They found that the majority of agents sold five or fewer homes and about half sold Zero or One home a year.
What about Kauai agents?  I did my own research but did not limit it to homes, I included Homes, Condos and Land and found of the 326 active agents last year over half sold Two or less properties a year.  178 agents sold Two or less properties, 73 sold Five to Three properties and 75 sold Five or more properties. 
The author of the Inman Report, Steve Brobeck stated; “Today, few consumers understand or are influenced by this status.  If NAR (National Association of Realtors) were, for example, to require more experience and competence from Realtors, then publicize this difference, consumers would more likely hire these agents.  These requirements could include, for instance, selling more than five properties in the previous year and initially passing a new exam on the practicalities of selling property.”
I felt Mr. Brobeck stated it perfectly, the public does not factor any of this and I did exactly the same thing before I was a Realtor.  We used an agent because she was a friend of mine and it did not turn out well, at all.  But that was on me, I thought her real estate license qualified her and didn’t think beyond that.  I literally had put more thought into choosing a hairdresser.     
The entry bar is low to become a Realtor, in 26 of our states a high school degree is not required and the Median expense to become an agent is $600.00.

Kauai Council Member Received Threat
A Kauai County Council Chair was threatened by way of what was described as a “letter, poster or piece of paper” that was left on his desk.  His office is in the Historic County Building on Rice Street and this threat was serious enough for him to take a leave from his job and new security measures to be implemented at the County Building.
Understandably the Council member is concerned that the building was not secure enough to allow someone to walk in and leave this not.  Full time security and sign in sheets for people coming into and leaving the building were put in place.
On Friday the Kauai Police arrested a 67 year old man in connection with the note and have charged him with terroristic threatening and first degree harassment.  He is currently being help at the Police Department awaiting bail.

Robbery At Macys And News Of Their Closing
Sadly our Macy’s got hit with a double whammy.  Early Monday Morning around 3:50 a.m. a door at Macy’s was smashed and multiple jewelry cases had been shattered. 
This all comes on the heels of the news that the store will be closing after 30 plus years of being an anchor store at Kukui Grove Shopping Mall.  Closing will be happening in the next couple of months as they start with their clearance sale.  Macy’s has two stores in the Mall which is the main store and then a second one for Men’s ware and housing goods.
There are five stores that will be closing across the U.S. and our island had one of those.  Macy’s is also reducing their work staff 3.5%.  Our Macy’s has about 40 employees.

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