Kauai Real Estate Update, New Poipu Beach Luxury Housing Development, Seasons For Listing Your Kauai Vacation Rental, Hawaiian Airlines & Alaska Overlapping Routes

Kauai Real Estate Update, New Poipu Beach Luxury Housing Development, Seasons For Listing Your Kauai Vacation Rental, Hawaiian Airlines & Alaska Overlapping Routes

  • Lynda Gill
  • 12/12/23

Kauai Real Estate Update-  Last week was an interesting one for Kauai Real Estate;  there were only 8 new listings island wide and we had 21 that went under contract and 16 that sold.  The sales activity is high for this time of year but with only 8 new properties coming on the market it’s not the best of news for Buyers.  For a complete list of all the real estate activity island wide for last week click here:  Kauai Real Estate Activity December 4 to 10, 2023

Poipu Beach Real Estate Update- For a complete update on the fee simple real estate activity since the beginning of this year in Poipu Beach click here:  Poipu Beach Current Market Analysis
For the Kiahuna Plantation click here:  Kiahuna Plantation Current Market Analysis.

New Housing Development In Kukui’ula 
Cool, Coastal, Modern, Plantation.  This encompasses the vision of homes in a new development in Kukui’ula.  I attended a presentation of this offering and also had the chance to talk with the owner of Kukui’ula; Chad Brue with Brue Baukol Capital Partners. 

Chad Brue stated that he saw a need for homes that are a complete package and this is where the concept of Na Hiku came from.  The buyer will be one that wants to buy their dream lot that already has a start to finish plan for a turnkey home. 
The designer could not have been a better pick, Ginny Latham is well known for her plantation style homes that are functional and aesthetically pleasing.  There are two floor plans; both are 4-bedroom single story with pools and a guesthouse, the differences are the square footage  and one has 4.5 baths the other 5.5 baths with a pool house.  Prices for these homes start at $6.8 million.  The Builder is Voyager Construction and the delivery date of a home is anticipated at 14 months.  For those that want a furniture package there is one available from Jas Interiors from $350K to $400K range.

I spoke with Chad Brue and found him to be really easy to talk with, relatable and genuinely enthused about the south shore of Kauai and, of course, Kukui’ula.  He said that this development will be a part of his legacy and doing it right is imperative.  What I really appreciated was his awareness of the importance of relationships here on this small island where being respectful is very important.  I felt that for someone who is new to the islands he understood that to be a key factor in having Kukui’ula be a success.

The photo is a conceptual plan of a four bedroom with a pool house.  If you would like an information package, contact me at [email protected]

Are There Seasons For Putting Your Vacation Rental Property On The Market
Is there a time of year that is best to put your vacation rental property on the market?  There is.  A vacation rental property is a “nice to have” not a “have to have” type of purchase, one that is done by those with discretionary income to support this lifestyle purchase.  You’ll want to have your property on the market when those buyers will be vacationing in the area where your vacation rental is located in. 

Vacation rental properties will sell in any month of the year so in that sense there is no wrong time to put your property on the market.  Second home buyers often want to look at the property that they are spending hundreds of thousands (or millions) dollars on. 
When vacationers are coming to where your property is located will be different as well.  Here on Kauai it’s around Christmas through May, this is an optimal time to have your vacation rental home or condominium on the market.

Twelve Overlapping Mainland To Hawaii Routes For Hawaiian And Alaska
The merger of these two airlines certainly puts them in a leading position for Hawaii to Mainland travel.  Right now, Hawaiian has 24% of that share, United 22% and Alaska 15%, should they combine, they will control 40% of this market.
There are currently 11 routes that the two airlines share and all of these routes are feeder markets to Kauai.  How this will be addressed is a long ways away, at this time it’s “business as usual” while they go through the long process of putting this deal together.

Here are the routes that the two airlines share:

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