Kauai Real Estate Update, Spotlight On Koloa Landing, Lihue Airport Work, History Of The Shaka,

Kauai Real Estate Update, Spotlight On Koloa Landing, Lihue Airport Work, History Of The Shaka,

  • Lynda Gill
  • 11/21/22

Kauai Real Estate Update-  This is typically a slow time of year however last week we saw a lot of real estate activity.  19 properties went contingent or under contract.  For a complete list of all the real estate activity that happened last week on the island of Kauai click here: Kauai Real Estate Market Activity November 14th to 20th, 2022.

Poipu Beach Real Estate Update-  For a complete update on the fee simple Poipu Beach real estate market since the beginning of this year click here:  Poipu Beach Current Market Analysis.
For the Leasehold Kiahuna Plantation click here:  Kiahuna Plantation Current Market Analysis

Spotlight On Koloa Landing, Poipu Beach
Koloa Landing is one of the newer condominium complexes here in Poipu Beach.  Located behind Poipu Kapili you can walk to the Sheraton/Kiahuna beach.  This property is a part of the Marriott Bonvoy collection and is, in fact, the only condominium complex in Marriott’s’ portfolio.  The upper floor units are accessed by an elevator that opens up to just your unit which is kind of cool.  Each unit has a single level floor plan (no stairs), central AC, high end appliances/furnishings and décor.  I do love the lanai doors that disappear into the walls, especially when the lanais have these massive overhangs like Koloa Landing, it makes for a usable outdoor living space and the living room just seems massive when you open these up. 
This video is of 3 Bedroom 3 Bath condominium which is a corner unit so the lanai wraps almost all the way around, you can access it from the living room and two of the bedrooms.
I have more information to share on this property, you are welcome to give me a call.  For now enjoy the video!

Two Percent Of Property Taxes For Affordable Housing
Last week the Kauai County Council voted in 2 percent of the real property taxes to be allocated to secure bonds to fund housing projects.  Kauais’ Bill No. 2888 is much like a Charter Amendment on Maui which has 3% of their real property taxes set aside for affordable housing.  Since passing that bill in 2020 they have amassed $58 million to this fund.

Lihue Airport Runway Out Of Compliance
As stated by Romio Idica from the Kauai Planning Department;   “The Lihu‘e Airport (is) currently the only airport in the country that does not comply with runway safety requirements.  The proposed development is to bring the runway into compliance with (Federal Aviation Agency) standards.”
Initially the plan was to add three new gates at Lihue Airport but there was such a huge public outcry against that proposal so they changed it.  Now the plan consists of moving one of the two runways 855 feet to the southwest to allow for more surface space, build a 920 retaining wall, a 200 foot blast pad and upgrade the current lighting to LED.  This will cost $6.5 million and will start in October of 2023. 
Because of the extreme initial push back from the residents when the former plan was introduced the Planning Commission made sure to clarify that there was nothing in this plan to expand the airport to allow for more tourism.  For more information go to this site and click on “LIH”  https://www.hawaiiairportsmodernization.com

History of the Shaka
Surprisingly, the story of the “Shaka” sign is one that came about because of a tragic accident at a Sugar Mill in the early 1900’s.  These days it’s used to convey “Right On”, “Hang Loose”, “Things Are Good”, “Goodbye” and much more, it’s a universal sign used here on the islands and on the mainland. 
But the origin of the Shaka starts off a bit tragic.  Back in the early 1900’s a sugar mill worked named Hamana Kalili was working as a presser at the Kahuku Sugar Mill which is in Oahu.  He’d feed sugar cane through rollers to squeeze out the juice and one day his right hand got caught in the rollers, he badly damaged his middle, index and ring fingers just leaving him with his thumb and pinky. 
After his recovery, the plantation owners gave him a new job as a security officer for the sugar cane train that ran between Sunset Beach and Kaaawa and a part of that job was to keep kids from jumping on the train and taking rides.  When he saw a kid trying to get on the train he would yell and waive his hand which had only had the use of the thumb and pinky finger on it.  From then on, the kids would imitate Kalilis’ gesture to signal to their friends that he wasn’t around and that the coast was clear to jump on the train. 
The shaka sign really took off when Frank Fasi used it while campaigning to be the Mayor of Honolulu, after taking office he ordered the gesture to become the city’s signature logo and integrated it into publications and signs.
I wish I could ask Kalili what he thinks about all of this, I do hope he would get some joy out of this. 

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