Kauai Lending Talk With Valerie Harjo

Kauai Lending Talk With Valerie Harjo

  • Lynda Gill
  • 10/27/21


Sometimes when people come here on vacation they are not thinking about buying, to get prequalified they think they can’t because all their stuff is at home.  When I have them talk to you tell me how that goes.


The first question I have for you is sometimes when people come here on vacation, they're not thinking about buying to get pre-qualified. They think they can't because all their stuff is at home. When I have them talk to you, tell me how that goes. So I get it. They're over here on vacation, they didn't even, they've maybe thought about buying, but when we start looking they find something and they're like, wow, this is really amazing, but I can't, pre-qualify all my files and everything are at home. So when I turn them over to you, tell me what happens because you, you do get that done.

Valerie Harjo: Luckily in the digital age, most everything we have is online now. And if you're an under the age of 40, you probably don't use paper at all. So my millennials and now my gen Z years, they're, they don't really want to have to go into a file cabinet. So they're pretty savvy with computer work.

So really what I will do with the client who didn't bring all of their paperwork in a suitcase with them, I will walk them through some of the online tools that they can do to get their documents. For example, online bank statements. We'll look at sometimes even using some of the websites, like the social security website or the IRS website, those are great places to actually get documentation based on the client's profile.

So if they are self-employed or they are have their tax returns with an accountant, we can even get the accountant to send a copy of their tax returns. So really what I encourage. Buyers to do if they are here with nothing is to walk through the process of what that electronic documentation looks like.

We try to be paperless anyway. So uploading to, for example, my secure link is a great way to get those documents to. If we have a sense of really what they're missing and it's easy to retrieve, then that's great. If it is something a little bit more complicated, a lot of times, as long as I get information about that item, maybe it's an HOA statement on a property they own.

Then I will take their information on that with a homework assignment to get that for me when they get home. But I do encourage on. Live feed that we're doing right now is if you are thinking of coming to Kauai and you might even remotely have an idea, you might want to buy a property. Here is definitely reaching out to that lender early, as early as possible, you can give me a call and we can start preparing those documents.

And then when they land in Hawaii, they are definitely ahead of the.

Lynda Gill: So you just brought up a really good point and it's actually something that I like to do as well before people get over here and you've got the tropical breezes and the swaying Palm trees, and you're drinking Mai Tai’s and thinking “Maybe I'll buy a place.”

I like people to have a clearer head and I'm looking at properties with them online and we're talking about things. So they've got a some, they have some groundwork they've done groundwork at home, away from being over here. And I think that they can make a clearer decision. What that, and then having them talk to you, which we have, we've done that before that has happened.

And I think that those have been really successful transactions that we've done together is when there's been some work done before they get here.

Valerie Harjo: Exactly. I think having some clarity, most of the loan programs that we're looking at really follow the same homework assignment checklist and after financial reform, it's a pretty straightforward documentation list.

So really if a client is thinking of coming to Hawaii and again is here on this live with you and follows your blog, they're really ahead of the game. They're going to be much more prepared. They're going to have that price point in their mind. They're going to have maybe some of the documentation that might be a little bit tricky, like pulling from an equity line of credit or something along that line where they can get that in process and in place prior to coming here so that when they're looking at these properties in between the vacation.

Mode that they're in. They don't have to worry so much about spending all that time back on the computer. It's already with me. I already have a profile set up, so it really gives them a real head start and just being able to enjoy the island and also spend time looking at properties with you. Yeah.

Lynda Gill: Okay. But thank you for that. And all that being said, we certainly don't want to discourage people who are over here. They they think, okay, maybe this is possible. Cause I, I get that approach too. And this goes right into my next question.

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