Kauai Real Estate Update, 2 Bedroom Kiahuna Just Listed, Target Update, Kauai Starts Lifting Travel Restrictions

Kauai Real Estate Update, 2 Bedroom Kiahuna Just Listed, Target Update, Kauai Starts Lifting Travel Restrictions

  • Lynda Gill
  • 06/8/21

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Kiahuna Plantation Real Estate Update- I Just Listed Kiahuna Plantation unit #220 and at $399,000 (LH) it’s the lowest priced 2 Bedroom 2 Bath Corner Unit at the Kiahuna Plantation Resort.  There are very few 2 bedrooms located at the Kiahuna Plantation and even fewer that are have a corner location like unit #220 which has extra louvers on the side wall for more privacy, air-flow and light.  From the living room lanai there are sweet views of the resort and a little slice of the ocean too!  For listing details click here:  Kiahuna Plantation #220 Details

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June 15, 2021 Travel Restrictions Start Lifting In Hawaii
Governor Ige announced last Friday that starting June 15, 2021 there will be some positive changes for traveling in Hawaii that are both immediate and some that are on the horizon.
Starting June 15, 2021, if you have been fully vaccinated in the State of Hawaii you’ll be able to fly both interisland and transpacific with no restrictions.  Currently our entire state is at 53% fully vaccinated with 55% anticipated in the middle of this month.  The Safe Travels program is still in effect and you must upload your Hawaii Vaccination card to the system, it’s advised to carry a hard copy of this card with you.  Moving forward more restrictions will be lifted as the number of Hawaii residents fully vaccinated goes up.  Here are the benchmarks:
At 60% statewide fully vaccinated:  Domestic travelers who have been fully vaccinated in the U.S. will be able to bypass 72 hour pre-travel testing and quarantine.  You’d upload your vaccination card that you got from your state into the Safe Travels App (carry a hard copy with you).
At 70% statewide fully vaccinated: The Safe Travels program will end.  All restrictions on businesses and the wearing of masks indoors will end.
Hawaii has launched a program called “HiGotVaccinated” and is offering incentives such as discounts on local businesses and you can register for prizes such as One Million Hawaiian Airline Miles, Meals at Zippys for a year, Las Vegas Vacations, Alaska Airline tickets and more.  Registration deadlines vary between June 10 and the 30th, 2021.  Visit  https://higotvaccinated.com for more details.  In addition to this program clinics are staying open longer and buses are going out to schools and rural areas to distribute the vaccine.  The response to this program has been huge, over 78,000 people have entered.

Check On The Status Of Hawaii Being Vaccinated
If you would like to track the States vaccine progress you can do so by clicking on this link:  Number Of Hawaii Residents Vaccinated Website This information is updated regularly so you can track our progress.

Maui and Big Island Of Hawaii Ending Second Test Program
As of last Friday trans pacific travelers were no longer required to take a second COVID test upon arriving on the island of Maui.  The islands Mayor started the second testing program on May 4 to see if those that arrived with negative COVID results from the mainland tested positive upon arrival.  It was found that out of 92,963 tests that were done between May 4 and the 31st only 29 tested positive via the rapid antigen test, when those 29 were tested again only 5 were confirmed cases, the other 24 being false positives.
The Big Island of Hawaii had a similar program but stopped a week ago.  It was reported that more than 75% of the trans pacific and returning residents that traveled to the Big Island were fully vaccinated. 

Kauai Target Update
I heard from my hairdresser so I know it’s true; Target will not be opening up by Summer as originally planned.  It’s looking more like fall, for sure in time for Christmas.  I went by on Sunday and got some photos, pretty exciting to see the red Target box taking shape.  By the look of things I’d think by fall. 
This is the old K-Mart building which is by the Kukui Grove Shopping Center in Lihue.

Hawaii Experiencing Revenge Travel

Revenge Travel:  previous pandemic restrictions create pent up demand for travel which increases as restrictions lift.

April arrival statistics were interesting in the fact that our Domestic travel arrival numbers were almost at pre-pandemic levels.  It seems that people consider Hawaii exotic enough to replace their European vacation or cruise plans with a trip to Hawaii.  Plus it’s looked at as a safer place to travel to. 
In April a total of 484,071 travelers arrived which is far less than the pre-pandemic of 849,400 in April 2019.  But here’s what’s interesting and good news for Kauai:  of that 484,071 arrivals 471,300 were from the U.S.  The international arrivals are way down however Kauai is not an international market, it’s always been U.S. based and mostly Westcoast.  Of the $471,300 that arrived from the U.S. 352,100 were from the Westcoast.

Breaking it down:
Oahu had 223,000
Maui 178,000
Hawaii 82,000
Kauai 41,900

This is a good number for us when you consider April 5th was the first day that our island opened back up.  Visitor spending on Kauai totaled $65.6 million in the month of April.  When the May statistics come out it should be even more telling.

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